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You make money four ways with your Webcenter:

  1. Sell Websites ("Build Your Site" button or "Webcenter Builder" button on your Webcenter Adminstration page)
  2. Sell Hosting Services (automatically with the websites you sell)
  3. Sell Domain Names ("Register Your Domain" button)
  4. Sell Merchant Accounts ("Accept Credit Cards" button)

Your customers can click on the button of their choice and fill out the online forms that takes them to their purchase.

Creating Demo Websites:

To create a demo website for a prospective customer, you or your customer, clicks one of the three "Build Your Site" buttons on your Webcenter home page (or you can build a site through your Webcenter administration area clicking on "The Webcenter Builder" button).

This leads to a form titled: "Tell Us About Yourself". You or your customer will fill out the form, including choosing the customer's specific business industry (there are over 265 choices).

You or your customer will then be taken to a screen that reads CONGRATULATIONS! Scroll down to the bottom of this page where there is a sentence with the new website name and password (in red). Your customer should record these codes. These codes are necessary to login to the administration portion of their website. You as the Webcenter owner will receive an e-mail announcing that you have a new customer.

Now you and your customer can click on the words "Test Drive Your Demo Site" (either the text, in blue, at the bottom of the "Congratulations" page or the "Test Drive Your Demo Site" button on your Webcenter). Then type in the customer's site name (and click the "Go to Site" button) that leads to the home page of the customer's website. Now the two of you can view the site (note: sometimes generating a website may take a minute or two and demo sites are live for ten days).

To login and modify the site click the "Modify Site" button on the demo site or the "Site Owner Login" button on your Webcenter. This leads to the "Site Owner Login" page where you or your customer enters the website name and login and leads to the "Page Administration" page.

Once at the "Administration Page", note the tabs at the top of the page leading to the diversified administration sections of the website (see Website Owner's Manual for full instruction and details).

From here you and your customer can click on the "Site Modifier" tab that leads to the "Simple Admin" where the two of you can edit the website by entering and choosing elements (see Website Owner's Manual for full instruction and details).

Your customer's Demo Site is timed. They have 10 days to experiment with it. After 10 days the site will be disabled. Within those 10 days, if your customer chooses to purchase the site, your customer clicks on the "ACTIVATE SITE" button on their Demo Site. This leads you and your customer to a form that either of you can fill out (and "SUBMIT"). The form includes the customer's credit card or checking account information.

IMPORTANT: The SET YOUR DEFAULT PRICING TOOL in your webcenter admin section will determine what price will be displayed to your website prospect.



You or your customer clicks on the "Register Your Domain" button that leads to the page titled "Claim your stake to your .com" company. From this page Website Owners "Login" and non Website Owners "click here".

Both buttons lead to an online form where you or your customer types in the domain names to be researched for availability. It is necessary to include .com, .net, or .org at the end of each name researched. Then click the submit button.

The names are submitted and a page is generated that states if the domain name(s) are available. If they are available, check the box by the name(s) requested and click the submit button.

You or your customer is then taken to a form that includes payment method and the quantity of years (with prices) your customer wants to register the name for. The form is filled out and submitted. The available name will be registered and pointed your customer's website.



When our customer clicks on the "Accept Credit Cards online today" button on your Webcenter, they are led to a page that describes "Cardservice's International Overview," including pricing. Once your customer has reviewed the agreement your customer scrolls down to the bottom of the page and clicks on the sentence "Cardservice International On-line Application". This leads to the "Online Merchant Application". Your customer then follows the steps and screens to apply for an account.



Change defines today's business climate. If you're not moving towards technology, you are most likely falling behind. The Internet is revolutionizing the way business gets done. It's not just about websites. It's about the creation of E-commerce. If a business doesn't have an Internet address, no one will come knocking.