Advanced Administration

The advanced administration page is a table of contents for all of the changes you can make to your website. There are (8) tools provided for your use.

  • Site modifier
    -This allows you to make changes to the different pages in your site
  • Product list
    -This allows you to develop your product catalog
  • Site Tools
    -This gives you access to the different tools provided with your website
  • Contacts
    -This tool allows you to view your messages & organize your to do list.
  • Statistics
    -The statistics show you how many hits your website is receiving
  • Commerce
    -This tab allows you to setup your payment options
  • My account
    -This allows you to set up and personalize the information for your site
  • Update site
    -This option updates your site with all of your changes. Remember to always update the site after each change!